Winter 2021 Issue Review

This post does contain affiliate links. Are you ready to ring in this Winter Season? Well, let’s ringing it in with this newest Winter 2021 Issue hitting the shelves from Crochet Foundry Magazine. I am super excited over this new Issue that is coming soon. You are totally going to want this newest Issue. Bringing... Continue Reading →

Hall-O-Ween Night Pumpkin — Crochet Pattern

Happy Saturday Y’all. I got another pumpkin pattern for y’all. Time to keep growing your pumpkin patch. It’s quick and easy to work up. I literally timed myself while making this one, you will have it worked up from start to finish, in 45 minutes. This is a stash buster or even a scrap yarn... Continue Reading →

Crescent Moon Appliqué — Crochet Pattern

Quick and easy make. A stash buster and scrap yarn project. Bringing the moon to your hands. Finally, you can say to everyone, you have the moon in your hands. This post does contain affiliate links. Have you ever made an appliqué before? Do you know what an appliqué is or what you can do... Continue Reading →

Furls Leather Single Hook Case — Product Review

This post does contain affiliate links. Have you ever wondered how to protect your prize possessions? Have you ever broke your favorite crochet hook? Now, you can protect your favorite tool. This is the one item that you need to have. I literally love this safe keeper. It is literally a safe blessing to have.... Continue Reading →

Oozy Bleeding Pumpkin — Crochet Pattern

This post does contain affiliate links. Which, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission, through the purchase you make. Are you fan of handmade decor? Are you a fan of horror movies? Are you a fan of making handmade pumpkins, to add to your collection? Well … the wait is... Continue Reading →

Half Double Crochet, Stitch Tutorial

What is your favorite stitch? What is that one stitch you always and constantly use? I can honestly tell that mine is the Half Double Crochet. I literally am always using it and finding a way to always incorporate it into anything I am making. It all goes by the texture and drape this stitch... Continue Reading →

Crochet Foundry Magazine, Fall 2021 Issue, Review

Do you enjoy browsing through magazines? Do you look over every portion and find what you like? I can tell you, I have literally scrolled through every portion, looked over every design and I am literally in love. I know you will be as thrilled, just as I am. It’s definitely an incredible packed Issue,... Continue Reading →

Ferris Wheel Coasters

Hello Everyone …. Bringing you another QUICK and EASY pattern. Free Crochet Pattern, using up all your scraps or diving into your stash, to make these coasters. Perfect to place under your favorite cup of coffee, your new favorite plants or use as a decorative piece. Click Image to Shop Furls Streamline Hooks. This post... Continue Reading →

Crochet Foundry Magazine Summer Issue 2021 — Review

Today, the Summer Issue 2021 of Crochet Foundry has been released. My dear and grateful friends from Furls Crochet sent me a copy to review! I am very excited about this one completely!! Plus, I know you will be as well! I have been following along from the start, where it all began for them.... Continue Reading →

Darn Good Yarn—Unicorn Scissors Review

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday. I have something and amazing, to share with y’all. The minute I laid my eyes upon these beauties, I just knew, I needed them in my life. The unicorn shape and rainbow color, is what drew me into them. This post does contain affiliate links. Where at no extra cost... Continue Reading →

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